Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring

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CW adapter hardness

effective 2/1/98



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Compressor lead, must

be used with #ABG-0047

power harness

effective 3/1/93

ABG-0048  127-0048 $7.58  
Harness, power supply, blade type ABG-0062


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Harness, compressor lead, blade type ABG-0061


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Harness, Power supply, blade type, 13 foot, for Low Profiles ABG-0064 No Picture  $35.23  

Power cord only for models with eletrical boxes

used from 6/1/87 to 3/1/93

ABG-0059  127-0059  $24.82  

Power cord used on CW and AD units

used prior to 6/1/87

ABG-0052  127-0052 $34.61  

Harness, pin type

used 3/93 to 4/05

ABG-0039  No Picture $34.74  

Harness, 13 ft for low profile cabinets, pin type

used prior to 4/1/05

ABG-0001 No Picture  $57.33  

Unit Cooler harness

effective 9/1/97 - used prior to 6/1/87 and from 3/1/93

ABG-0049 127-0049  $25.09  
Harness for unit cooler on LP's ABG-0000 No Picture  $65.85  

Wiring Harness to connect fans on unit coolers

used on two and three fan units

ABG-0032 127-0032   $3.09  

Wiring Harness for flourescent lights

used on glass door models

ABG-0021  127-0021 $10.45  
Adapter lead compressor (new J-28) BBG-0009  No Picture $7.36   
Harness interior light 134A units EHG-0024  No Picture $10.83   
J-28 power supply harness BBG-8275  No Picture $52.03   
Harness adapter, power cord to J-28 BBG-0008  No Picture $3.92   
Unit cooler harness for models with electrical boxes only ABG-0029  127-0029  call for price  
Power harness ABG-0047  127-0047  call for price  












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