Glass Door Handles

Glass Door Handles

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Description Part Number Picture Price Add to Cart

Anthony Silver Handle

13 9/16" long

AJA-4012 191-4012  $40.51 AddTOCart 

Anthony Gold Handle

14 7/8"

(used prior to 11/1/89)

AJA-4013  191-4013 Not Available  

Anthony Gold Handle

13 5/8" long

(effective 5/1/95)

AJA-4015  191-4015 $43.32 AddTOCart 

Ardco Silver Handle

13" long

AJA-4030 191-4030  $70.64 AddTOCart 

Ardco Gold Handle

13" long

(Used prior to 7/1/94)

AJA-4031  191-4031 Not Available  

Ardco Gold Handle

13" long

(Effective 7/1/94)

AJA-4032 191-4032  $47.75 AddTOCart 

Guard Bumper, 28"

Silver Glass Door

AJA-4007 No Picture $39.60 AddTOCart 
Norfab Silver Handle AJA-4006 191-4006  Call for price  
Ends for Anthony Gold Handle AJA-4014 191-4014  Call for price  



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